This is in reference to party decorations provided by Yasmin D’Souza. I am extremely pleased with Yasmin’s designs, color schemes and top level services provided. I have used her services for both my daughters’ first birthday parties. The decoration was extremely beautiful and customer service throughout the process was very satisfactory.

I have recommended her to my family and friends and they have been pleased with her services too. I would definitely use her services for future occasions.

Simleen Kaur


Yasmin D'Souza did the balloon decor and decorations for both of my children's Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties. My son had his party at Normandie Farms on August 23, 2008 and my daughter celebrated her Bat Mitzvah party at That's Amore in Gaithersburg in May 2010. Ms. D'Souza did a wonderful job given the budget she was working with and several of my guests asked me for her phone number.

She was a pleasure to deal with, was a good listener to our suggestions, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others for the balloons and decor for any area event.

If you would like to speak with me personally, feel free to call me at the number below.

Cliff Matheson

Tel. office: 301-652-5754 (voice mail)


Yasmin, I am still getting emails and phone calls complementing me on the party we had . Just wanted to say thanks a lot for assisting me when I needed you the MOST! Your job was well done!

Ruth Soto